Germany reports daily record for COVID cases

Germany has reported a record daily figure of more than 50,000 coronavirus cases.

The public health authority confirmed 50,196 new infections on Thursday, and 235 deaths.

The eastern state of Saxony strengthened its anti-infection measures this week. People will only be allowed to eat in restaurants if they are fully vaccinated or have recovered after being infected. The capital Berlin will impose similar restrictions from Monday.

The German parliament is expected to soon pass a bill to only allow people who have completed vaccinations, recovered after being infected, or tested negative for the virus to work in offices.

Experts say that one of the reasons for the surge in cases is that the ratio of vaccinated people has not risen since reaching about 70 percent. They add that people are spending more time indoors as the weather gets colder.

The chancellor who will replace Angela Merkel is expected to launch a new coalition government in December.

Merkel said on Wednesday that the coronavirus won't wait for coalition talks, and stressed the need for the nation to work harder to fight infections.