Revised COP26 statement to be discussed on Friday

The president of the COP26 UN climate change conference has pledged to present a revised draft of a final statement on Friday. Alok Sharma says he hopes the participants will be able to reach an agreement, as Friday is the final day of the forum in Glasgow.

But the countries are still divided on the matter of financial assistance for developing nations and other issues.

On Thursday, at a ministerial meeting, the participants discussed a draft of the final statement that the COP26 president had presented on the previous day.

Among the main issues being discussed are financial donations to help developing countries cope with climate change, and rules which should be established, so that the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement can be achieved.

Britain is hosting the conference. It is demanding stronger measures to reduce emissions, so that global temperatures can be capped at 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The developing countries say there are not enough details about the financial aid that is being promised.

Sharma had suggested that many problems remained unsolved one day before the conference's final day. He mentioned that money was one problem.

If the participants fail to reach an agreement on Friday, the COP26 conference could be extended.