S.Korea shows flying taxi test

South Korea has shown a test of a flying taxi at a time when the country's public and private sectors are working together to launch a related commercial service in 2025.

The test at Gimpo International Airport in the city of Seoul on Thursday was based on travel between the facility and a city area.

The German-made manned aircraft using drone technology rose to a height of about 50 meters and traveled a three-kilometer designated route in about three minutes.

South Korea's transport ministry says the test was the first at an airport. It plans to hold another near Incheon International Airport, close to the capital.

The ministry hopes the tests will help develop a flight management system to prevent collisions between flying taxis and airplanes.

A transport ministry official said South Korea is also preparing to establish law for the practical use of flying taxis. He added that the country will continue demonstration testing cautiously so that its citizens can use the commercial service safely.