UNSC expresses 'deep concern' over Myanmar

The United Nations Security Council has expressed deep concern over increasing violence in Myanmar, and called on the country's military to exercise the utmost restraint.

The council released a statement on the Myanmar situation on Wednesday. It was the first such statement agreed to by all its 15 members since March.

The country's military has been cracking down on citizens protesting the February coup.

Clashes have been on the rise in the country's northwest and elsewhere since pro-democracy forces called for a "defensive war" against the military junta in September.

The statement called for an immediate end to the violence and ensuring the safety of civilians.

It also stressed the importance of improving the country's humanitarian situation, such as by promoting coronavirus vaccination.

It expressed full support for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in its efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution.

The council has been unable to issue a statement for the past eight months due to differences in views among its members.

The latest statement failed to mention specific steps to stop the violence, such as an arms embargo. Russia and China have been reluctant to impose such sanctions on Myanmar.