Kishida Fumio re-elected as Japan's prime minister

Japanese lawmakers have formally re-elected Kishida Fumio as the country's prime minister. It comes after the ruling coalition won a comfortable majority in the Lower House election 10 days ago.

Members of both Houses of the Diet voted to re-elect Kishida.

In Japan, lawmakers officially choose the prime minister. He is expected to announce his Cabinet later in the day.

Kishida has reappointed all members of his Cabinet, except for the foreign minister.

He appointed former education minister Hayashi Yoshimasa to the post.
His predecessor, Motegi Toshimitsu, has become the secretary-general of Kishida's Liberal Democratic Party.

Kishida plans to outline Japan's latest coronavirus measures on Friday.

He will convene an extraordinary session of the Diet as early as next month to start the budget process for the plans.

Kishida will hold a news conference on Wednesday evening.