Ex-lawmaker admits to receiving cash

A former Japanese lawmaker is alleged to have received an equivalent of more than 88,000 dollars in cash from a company suspected of being an unregistered loan brokerage.

Toyama Kiyohiko was a lawmaker of the governing coalition partner Komeito. He served multiple senior posts including state minister of finance.

Sources say two of Toyama's former secretaries are suspected of having lobbied the government-owned Japan Finance Corporation to introduce a loan officer to the head of a Tokyo-based environment-related company.

The company head is suspected of illegally brokering the finance firm's loans to a number of businesses.
Tokyo prosecutors have started questioning Toyama on a voluntary basis.

Sources say investigators have learned anew that Toyama may have received a total of more than 10 million yen in cash over several years from the company head.

Toyama has reportedly admitted to receiving the cash, but denied it was a fee for the lobbying.

He is said to have explained that the sum of money is financial support for his political activities.

Toyama resigned from the Diet in February following a media report that he dined late at night during a coronavirus state of emergency.