Special Diet session convened in Japan

A special Diet session has been convened in Japan. The participants include Lower House members who were reelected or newly elected in the general election last month.

The lawmakers waited outside the main gate leading to the Diet on Wednesday morning. When the gate opened at 8 a.m., they went inside.

Some of them bowed to the building before they entered.

The building's central entrance was opened specially for the occasion.

Inside, Lower House staff members gave Diet member's badges to the individuals who presented certificates proving that they had been elected.

It is customary for staff members to pin a badge on each elected official. But this time the officials pinned on their own badges. The step was taken as a precaution against the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the newly-elected officials needed help from the staff members.

The number of people elected to the Lower House for the first time is 97. That is 41 more than in the previous election four years ago.