COP26 focuses on gender issues

Participants at the UN climate change conference COP26 have called for greater representation of women's voices in climate change policies.

Tuesday was the summit's gender day. Among the issues discussed was the impact of climate change on women in developing countries and measures to help them.

Fatou Jeng, who heads an NGO in Gambia, said women in her country dominate the agriculture sector and use their proceeds to support themselves and enable their children to go to school.

She said climate change has affected not only agricultural yield, but also their income.

Jeng urged people to think about those left behind, and stressed the importance of the international community's support.

The United States, Britain and other countries pledged to make contributions to funds that foster female leadership, and projects to reduce the damage that climate change inflicts upon women who work in agriculture.

COP26 President Alok Sharma said in a statement that he is pleased that countries and other stakeholders have made announcements "to make climate action gender responsive."