Second Kishida Cabinet to be formed on Wednesday

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is to form his second Cabinet on Wednesday after the governing coalition led by his Liberal Democratic Party won a general election last month.

Kishida is most likely to be named prime minister by both chambers of the Diet at a special session to be convened on Wednesday afternoon.

He plans to reappoint all ministers of his first Cabinet except the foreign minister. Hayashi Yoshimasa has been tapped to take up the post.

Kishida aims to present details of his government's coronavirus measures on Friday.

He also plans to finalize new economic measures designed to help those affected by the pandemic.

The measures include a payout of roughly 900 dollars per person aged 18 years or younger.

The Cabinet is expected to convene an extraordinary session of the Diet as early as in December to submit a draft supplementary budget for the current fiscal year to finance the economic package.

Kishida also intends to have newly formed panels of experts discuss concrete ways to develop what he calls a new form of capitalism.