Tuvalu FM gives speech standing knee-deep in sea

The foreign minister of the South Pacific country of Tuvalu has showed the world how climate change is threatening his island nation, by giving a speech standing knee-deep in seawater.

The video of Simon Kofe was released to coincide with the UN climate change conference, COP26, now underway in Britain.

Kofe is in a suit, standing at a lectern and saying, "We are preparing now for the worst-case scenario, where our lands disappear and our people must leave."

He concluded his speech by saying, "We must take bold, alternative actions today to secure tomorrow."

When the camera zooms out, viewers find that he was standing in the sea with his trousers rolled up.
The video was shot in a place that used to be dry land but has since submerged. It has gone viral on social media.

Kofe told Reuters news agency that the government hopes that the video carries the message and emphasizes the challenges the country is facing at the moment.

He also called on leaders to look beyond immediate economic needs and look at the wellbeing of the world.