Biden aide dismisses past approach to China

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has suggested that the idea that US policy would fundamentally change the Chinese system was an error.

Sullivan spoke in an interview with CNN on Sunday.

He said he thinks one of the errors of previous US approaches to China was a view that the United States would bring about a fundamental transformation of the Chinese system through its policy.

Sullivan said the object of the Biden administration is to shape the international environment so that it is more favorable to the interests and values of the United States and its allies and partners, and to like-minded democracies.

Sullivan also said the United States believes that the status quo in Taiwan has served the interests of China, Taiwan and the United States, as well as the interest of regional security and stability.

He said the Biden administration opposes any unilateral changes to the status quo and has been concerned about Chinese activities that have shaken to a certain extent the security and stability of cross-strait relations.

He made the remark in apparent reference to numerous flights by Chinese military aircraft within Taiwan's air defense identification zone in recent months. The comments are seen as suggesting anew that Washington is prepared to help Taiwan defend itself.