Business arrivals welcome eased entry restrictions

Business travelers who arrived at Narita Airport near Tokyo on Monday say they welcome Japan's easing of coronavirus entry restrictions.

From Monday, the quarantine period for vaccinated business travelers -- Japanese nationals and foreign residents of Japan -- has been reduced from 10 to three days, in principle.

Non-Japanese travelers are now allowed to make short-term business trips, too, and they are also required to quarantine for three days with some conditions.

A Japanese man who has just returned from a business trip to Mexico says he often travels abroad. The trading firm worker says he had found it inconvenient to spend a long time in quarantine when he gets back to Japan.

The man says a shorter quarantine makes overseas business trips easier and will help revive the economy.

A Mexican man who arrived on business says a lot of people have been waiting for a long time to be able to come to Japan. He says the changes are good for both Japanese and foreigners.

Visits by non-nationals are being allowed under certain conditions for the first time in 10 months. Visits for sightseeing purposes are excluded.

Quarantine authorities at Narita say the shorter, three-day quarantine requirement applies to business travelers who present vaccination certificates and negative test results upon arrival. Advanced government screening of their activity schedule in Japan is also required.

Foreign students and technical trainees are also allowed to enter Japan on the condition that their firms and schools supervise their activities.