Biden in trouble 1 year until US midterm elections

With just one year to go before US midterm elections, President Joe Biden is in a tough spot due to his sagging approval ratings and a Democratic candidate's loss in a gubernatorial election.

Biden's approval ratings hovered around 50 percent on average after his inauguration in January. But his disapproval rating topped his approval rating for the first time in late August. His approval rating was 43.1 percent on Friday, the lowest level since he took office.

Analysts blame his declining popularity on the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan that allowed the Taliban to retake control of the country. Another possible factor is the failure to enact massive spending legislation soon enough because of disarray within the Democratic Party.

Biden suffered another blow on Tuesday, when a Democratic candidate he backed lost to a Republican rival in the Virginia gubernatorial election. The vote was seen as a bellwether for future prospects of the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, former president Donald Trump remains popular among Republicans with around 80 percent support.

Trump maintains his claim that he won last year's presidential election. His rallies have drawn thousands of supporters even after his social media accounts were suspended following the January 6 riot at the Capitol by supporters disputing his election loss.

Currently, the Democrats have a slim majority in both houses of parliament. But historically the incumbent president's party has often struggled in midterm elections.