UNHCR airlifts aid supplies into Afghanistan

The United Nations' refugee agency is rushing to airlift aid supplies to Afghanistan to help the country's displaced people survive the harsh winter ahead.

Planes chartered by the UNHCR have carried around 100 tons of flooring and partitions to improve tent insulation to an airport in the capital, Kabul.

The UNHCR says so far this year about 700,000 Afghans have become displaced, after fleeing their homes in fear of the Taliban and for other reasons.

The country's economic situation has deteriorated as the Afghan government's overseas assets have been frozen, resulting in multiple humanitarian crises, including shortages of food.

Moriyama Takeshi, a member of UNHCR's Kabul office, says many Afghans are facing difficult circumstances, and some parents have even resorted to selling their children. He says Afghanistan could experience the worst humanitarian crisis in the coming severe winter.