100 anime-decorated cars draw fans in Fukushima

100 cars painted with images of characters from anime, manga and video games were on display for fans at an event in Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan.

The cars are called "itasha" in Japanese, which literally means "cringeworthy vehicles," with the hoods and doors decked out with illustrations and stickers of popular characters.

On Sunday, fans flocked to the event venue in the Iizaka hot spring area in Fukushima City to see the heavily-decorated cars from across the country.

One car on display was customized at a cost of more than 10 million yen, or over 88,000 dollars.

An owner from Fukushima City says it took him five months to decorate his car. He says he was determined to have the coloring of the headlights match the eye color of his favorite character.

A local tourism association official says he hopes this event will provide an opportunity for people around the country to become more aware of the city's hot spring resort.