Large male snow crab fetches 5 mil. yen

A large male snow crab has fetched 5 million yen, or about 44,000 dollars, at the season's first auction in central Japan.

The auction of the winter delicacy was held on Saturday evening at a market at Kanazawa port on the Sea of Japan coast.

Ishikawa Prefecture's fisheries cooperative has begun to select large male snow crabs that are optimal in size and shape and sell them under a new brand name.

Of 58 tons of Saturday's catch, only one crab met all six criteria, including 1.5 kilograms in weight and 14.5 centimeters in shell width.

A chef from a company that runs local hot spring inns made the winning bid.

He said the price reflects his gratitude for fishers who are striving despite economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

It was the second snow crab to fetch 5 million yen. In 2019, one auctioned in Tottori Prefecture in western Japan won the same bidding price.