Pumice stones continue to cause problems in Japan

Masses of pumice stones are still washing ashore and causing trouble on Okinawa's main island. Ferry services were affected on Friday. And they remain disrupted.

The lobby of a ferry terminal in Nakijin Village in the northern part of Okinawa's main island was quiet on Saturday. That's because ferry services that connect the terminal with remote islands were canceled.

The floating stones have also affected fishing boats and Coast Guard patrol vessels.

An NHK camera crew filmed objects that appeared to be pumice stones drifting in the waters off Kochi Prefecture, western Japan.
Further caution is warranted, as the stones may ride the Kuroshio ocean current and reach the seas off the Kanto region in eastern Japan.

Officials from Japan's Land and Transport Ministry met with experts on Friday. They discussed effective ways of collecting and removing the stones.

One participant said pumping up sea water is less effective than using backhoes and nets. The experts will compile a report by the end of the month.