Hoshide and ISS crew prepare for return to earth

Japanese astronaut Hoshide Akihiko has spent the past six months at his home away from home. Now, he and his crew on the International Space Station are packing up their gear and preparing to return to Earth.

Hoshide is on his third mission in space. He is also just the second Japanese ever to serve as commander of the ISS.

Hoshide said in a news conference on Friday that his crew has done a lot of research that would help mankind on the ground as well as help us go further to the moon and Mars.

The crew has conducted an array of experiments. They became the first astronauts to grow chili peppers in space... and then ate them in tacos. They also went out on several spacewalks.

The crew even had some visitors, helping Russian filmmakers shoot scenes for the first commercial movie to be filmed in space.

Hoshide said they had to overcome some unexpected difficulties. He thanked the crew for their teamwork.

The astronauts are scheduled to leave the ISS on Monday for their voyage back to Earth.