PM intends to name Hayashi as foreign minister

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio intends to name former education minister Hayashi Yoshimasa as foreign minister when he launches his second Cabinet as early as Wednesday.

Kishida is currently doubling as foreign minister. As the leader of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party, he recently switched Motegi Toshimitsu from foreign minister to the key party post of secretary-general.

The change of Motegi's positions came after Amari Akira resigned as LDP secretary-general following his loss in a single-seat district in the Lower House election on October 31.

Hayashi was elected to the lower chamber of the Diet for the first time in the election, after serving in the upper chamber for five terms.

The 60-year-old has so far taken various Cabinet portfolios, including defense, agriculture and education. He is a senior figure of the intraparty faction led by Kishida.

Hayashi's father, Hayashi Yoshiro, was a finance minister.

Analysts say the expected appointment indicates Kishida's hope to steadily promote foreign policies such as solidifying the Japan-US alliance.