Malawi gets first albino parliamentarian

An albino activist has been sworn into the parliament of the African nation Malawi, a landmark achievement in a country where people with the condition continue to suffer widespread discrimination.

The AFP news agency says Overstone Kondowe is the country's first parliamentarian with albinism, a condition that limits the production of the pigment that colors the skin, hair and eyes.

Kondowe won a by-election last month. After being sworn in on Thursday, he pledged to inspire albinos to aim higher.

Kondowe founded an organization in 2016 that has lobbied the government to provide greater protection for albinos.

The superstitious belief in parts of Africa that certain body parts of albino people can confer magical powers has spurred violent attacks against them.

Amnesty International says that since 2014, more than 20 albinos in Malawi are believed to have been murdered.