Victim of baby mix-up sues Tokyo govt.

A 63-year-old Tokyo resident who was switched at birth in a hospital run by the metropolitan government has filed a lawsuit, seeking an investigation into his biological parents.

Egura Satoshi filed the suit against the metropolitan government at the Tokyo District Court on Friday over the mix-up that occurred shortly after his birth at a metropolitan maternity clinic in Sumida Ward in April 1958.

This is his second lawsuit over his birth. In the first suit filed in 2004, a court ordered the Tokyo government to pay damages.

But metropolitan officials have reportedly refused to provide information on his biological parents and to investigate the matter, citing the lack of a legal basis for such requests.

Egura says he has looked up about 60 people who live in Sumida Ward and were born about the same time as he was to try to find his biological parents.

He told reporters that he wants to know who his ancestors were and who he really is.

He said he also wants his foster mother to meet her true child and he hopes that his birth parents are alive and well.

Lawyer Kaido Yuichi said his client is unable to be reunited with his parents because of an error made by the metropolitan government, and it doesn't make sense that officials have refused to investigate.

The Tokyo government has declined to comment.