Democratic Party for the People to stand apart

The president of the Democratic Party for the People, Tamaki Yuichiro, says his party will no longer participate in meetings of Diet affairs chiefs from other opposition parties.

The DPP had been holding consultations with the Constitutional Democratic Party, the Japanese Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party to coordinate their stances on Diet deliberations.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Tamaki said his party has been seeking solutions rather than confrontations as a centrist, reform-minded party. He said his party could be viewed as merely seeking confrontations if it continues to work in the existing framework. He also said that the DPP has decided to distance itself from the framework and return to a stance of judging each policy on its content.

Asked about cooperation with the Constitutional Democratic Party, Tamaki said the DPP has difficulty getting along with the largest opposition party if it works closely with the Japanese Communist Party. He added that his party will wait to see what action the Constitutional Democratic Party will take before deciding how to proceed.

Both the DPP and the Constitutional Democratic Party are supported by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, or Rengo.

Asked about a possible alliance with Nippon Ishin Japan Innovation Party, Tamaki said he is not thinking of forging any two-way ties with Nippon Ishin. He said the DPP will call on all parties to cooperate.