Tourists view 'sea of fog' in Miyoshi Basin

A late-autumn phenomenon known as a "sea of fog" has been observed in the Miyoshi Basin in Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan.

Three rivers flow through the basin in Miyoshi City. On cold mornings, vapor rising from the rivers produces huge amounts of fog that cover the basin. This makes the surrounding mountains look like islands in a sea. The view attracts many tourists.

On Thursday morning, visitors started arriving before dawn to view the phenomenon from an observatory on top of a 491-meter-high mountain.

They clicked their cameras as sunlight came through a crack in the clouds and turned the fog partly orange.

A tourist from Tokyo said this was the first time he'd seen the sea of fog, and it was like viewing a work of art created by nature. He added that it was a wonderful way to start the day.

A local resident said she's climbed up to the observatory a number of times before to see this phenomenon, and it was different each time. She said it is such a breathtaking view that she feels totally refreshed.

The sea of fog in the Miyoshi Basin can be viewed on early mornings through December, when the skies are clear and the temperature is low.