India celebrates Diwali festival

People in India are celebrating Diwali, or the festival of lights, on Thursday, as coronavirus infections continue to decline.

The streets of the capital New Delhi are decorated with illuminations in the shape of a Hindu god.

People dress up and gather for meals to celebrate the biggest Hindu festival. Many are buying saris and accessories at markets.

One shopper said he lost a relative to the coronavirus but he hopes the festival will be an opportunity for him to feel positive about life again.

Coronavirus infections in India surged from April to June, and people were restricted from going out. But cases have been falling since then.

The Indian government began issuing visas last month for foreign tourists entering the country on chartered flights. It plans to expand the measure from November 15.

Indian officials are urging the public to continue with anti-virus measures, such as mask wearing, to prevent a resurgence of infections.