LDP set to retain Lower House stable majority

Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party is certain to maintain control of the Lower House following Sunday's election.

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio's party has secured what's called a stable majority even without the help of its coalition partner.

This assures it can easily shepherd bills through the House. With that, the LDP can chair and hold half of the seats on all standing committees.

The prime minister has been in the role for less than a month. He says voters have now given him a mandate and he will work to follow through on his campaign promises.

But the party's top executive suffered a personal setback. Amari Akira has become the first sitting LDP secretary-general to lose a single-seat district vote.

Although he is expected to win in proportional representation, he conveyed to Kishida his intention to resign from his post. Amari oversaw the party's election campaign.

Adding in the seats secured by Komeito, the ruling coalition is set to hold another level of dominance.It will provide even stronger control over the legislative process at the committee level.

The coalition also controls the Upper House.