Business leaders welcome results, urge action

Business leaders in Japan welcomed the results of Sunday's Lower House election and called on lawmakers to act quickly to address the issues the country is facing.

The head of the Japan Business Federation, or Keidanren, said he was pleased that the ruling coalition would maintain a solid and steady political environment.

Tokura Masakazu said the most urgent challenges are containing coronavirus infections and revitalizing social and economic activities.

He also mentioned the need to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and the digital transformation of society.

Tokura called on the Kishida administration to exercise firm leadership to quickly tackle these issues.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives said Japan faces its last chance to pull itself out of stagnation. Sakurada Kengo said the ruling parties must lead policy discussions with an eye on the future.

Sakurada added that voters desire not only political continuity, but also reform. He wants both ruling and opposition camps to keep this in mind when they are debating issues and running the government.