Former public safety chief projected to lose

NHK's decision desk is projecting that in the Kanagawa No.1 district, former National Public Safety Commission Chairperson Matsumoto Jun will lose.

The projected winner is Constitutional Democratic Party's Shinohara Go.

Kanagawa No. 1 District is in the greater Tokyo area, and covers parts of Yokohama city.

This district has been represented by the LDP for years, but the party is not fielding a candidate this time.
Three candidates ran for a single seat.

Matsumoto is an independent candidate. He garnered this constituency three straight times as an LDP candidate, and served as national public safety commission chairperson. But he left the party after becoming a questionable figure earlier this year. He was reported to have stayed at a nightclub until late at night during a COVID-19 state of emergency.

Shinohara is one of the unified candidates that the major opposition parties have fielded in many districts. While he has never won in this district, he has gotten a seat through proportional representation.

The third candidate, Asakawa Yoshiharu, is endorsed by Nippon Ishin Japan Innovation Party. He is a former Yokohama city assembly member.