Biden, Macron agree to 'look to the future'

At this weekend's G20 summit in Rome, US President Joe Biden is seeking to mend ties with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron. Their relationship has cooled since the announcement of a security alliance between the US, UK, and Australia.

The two leaders met for the first time since the formation of the partnership, known as AUKUS. French officials have criticized the deal, saying they were not consulted beforehand.

Biden said the US acted clumsily and without a lot of grace, and that he was under the impression that certain things had happened that hadn't happened.

Macron said it is important to be sure that such a situation will not be possible in the future. He called for stronger coordination and stronger cooperation.

The AUKUS countries say they want to strengthen security in the Indo-Pacific. As part of the agreement, the US has agreed to sell nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.

However, Australia and France already had a multibillion dollar deal for diesel-powered subs. French officials accused the US of "back-stabbing."

Biden stressed that the two countries have been the longest allies. Macron said they need to look to the future. After the meeting, he announced progress on nuclear energy cooperation and a strategic partnership between NATO and the EU. He said trust is like love: Declarations are good, but proof is better.