ASEAN summits end without Myanmar attendance

Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations wrapped up their three-day online summits on Thursday.
Japan, the United States, China and other nations also attended the annual meetings.

Myanmar, one of the 10 members of the regional bloc, refused ASEAN's invitation to send a senior diplomat rather than its military leader. It is extremely rare for an ASEAN member to skip such meetings.

Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the ASEAN chair, said after the summits that Myanmar remains an integral part of the ASEAN family. He also expressed hope that Myanmar will return to normalcy in accordance with the will of the people and the timely implementation of the Five-Point Consensus.

ASEAN leaders and Myanmar's military had agreed to the consensus in April to end the violence in the country, which has been continuing since a coup in February.

The consensus includes a visit to the country by an ASEAN special envoy to mediate dialogue between the military and the pro-democracy force. But the military refused the visit.