Lead projectile recovered in US movie set shooting

Investigators probing the fatal shooting on a US movie set say they have recovered a lead projectile believed to be a bullet that was fired from a prop gun used by actor Alec Baldwin.

The movie's cinematographer was killed and the director was injured when Baldwin fired the gun on the set of a Western in the state of New Mexico on October 21.

At a news conference on Wednesday, investigators said the lead projectile was recovered from the director's shoulder.

They said Baldwin was told the gun was safe when it was handed to him by a crew member.

Investigators are looking into the safety management on the movie set.

Baldwin is known for his roles in movies such as "The Hunt for Red October" released in 1990, and more recently for his impression of former president Donald Trump on TV.

This is not the first fatal shooting on a movie set. In 1993, Brandon Lee, son of martial artist Bruce Lee, was accidently shot and killed while filming "The Crow."