Beijing Games organizers show anti-virus measures

Organizers of next year's Beijing Olympics and Paralympics have shown reporters the measures to prevent coronavirus infections being taken during test events.

The organizers unveiled the measures on Thursday. They are expected to be implemented during the Games themselves.

Live online feeds were streamed from areas where athletes and other participants are kept separate from outsiders.

This "closed-loop" management system is similar to the "bubble" arrangement adopted during the Tokyo Summer Games this year.

QR codes will be used to manage information on PCR tests to be conducted daily on staff during the Beijing Games.

Ten test events are scheduled to take place at the Games' venues by the end of the year. They include an international figure skating competition already underway.

One official stressed that the organizers want to demonstrate their ability to host international competitions, and their determination to hold the Games successfully.

The organizers plan to release specific anti-virus rules for the Games later this month.