Amari: Election is a choice between systems

The secretary-general of Japan's main governing Liberal Democratic Party says that in the upcoming election, his responsibility is to add as many seats as possible to achieve a stable government.

Amari Akira spoke on an NHK program on Thursday after the Lower House was dissolved for a general election.

He said the Lower House election is for voters to choose between a system led by the Constitutional Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party, or a system led by the current coalition of the LDP and Komeito.

Amari added that it's also a choice of whether to protect a system based on freedom and democracy or to switch to a system in which communism will play a part.

Asked of the LDP's target, Amari cited Prime Minister Kishida Fumio as saying the party must win enough seats so that it can maintain a governing coalition with Komeito. He also said he wants to add as many seats as possible.