Honda developing long-range light jet

Honda Motor's aircraft arm is planning a new plane that will be able to fly farther than any competitor. It will be the first light jet capable of nonstop transcontinental flight across the US.

Honda Aircraft on Wednesday unveiled its new HondaJet concept.

The company says it is aiming for the plane to be able to fly 4,862 kilometers nonstop--1.8 times farther than its current model, making it the longest distance covered by a light jet of its class.

The aircraft will have a bigger fuselage and seat up to 11 people. It will also be 20 percent more fuel efficient than its competitors.

Honda's seven-seat business jet, first introduced in the United States six years ago, has been the world's top selling plane in its class for four years in a row.

The company hopes to reach new customers with a larger aircraft.