Japan firms discuss climate change ahead of COP26

Japanese companies have discussed their plans for tackling global warming ahead of a UN summit on climate change that will begin later this month.

The Japan Climate Initiative, with a membership of more than 670 Japanese firms, municipalities and organizations, held an online meeting on Wednesday.

An executive officer at Japanese beverage giant Suntory said the firm has started operating a factory that reduces its CO2 emissions to net zero. The company plans to switch to renewable energy at all its production and research facilities as early as next year, including plants in the United States and Europe.

Homebuilder Eco Works aims to have all its offices entirely powered by renewable energy, and intends to complete the switch to electric vehicles by 2030. The president of the firm said medium-sized businesses are quick at making decisions, and they can become carbon neutral.

The Japan Climate Initiative will give a presentation on the plans for tackling global warming at the COP26 summit.