G20 pledges aid for Afghans

Delegates from the Group of 20 nations and international organizations held an emergency meeting on Tuesday to tackle the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi chaired the online summit. He said the leaders agreed unanimously on the need for aid. They acknowledged they may have to coordinate any efforts with the Taliban.

The leaders said they still don't recognize the Islamist group as a legitimate government. The Taliban retook power in August. Foreign leaders responded by freezing Afghan assets and cutting off aid.

The G20 leaders agreed any renewed assistance should be funneled through international organizations to Afghans themselves. Those from the European Union pledged more than one billion dollars.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio promised 190 million dollars. He said protecting human rights, particularly those for women, is crucial.

China's foreign minister, Wang Yi, pledged 30 million dollars from his country. He said countries should lift their sanctions and let the Afghan people decide their fate.