China's exports continue to soar in September

China's exports rose sharply in September from a year earlier to mark a 16th straight month of increase.
Recovery in demand from the United States and Europe underpinned the growth.

Chinese customs data show exports jumped 28.1 percent to 305.7 billion dollars.

Shipments of PCs and other electronic devices were brisk amid demand from people who stayed home because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Imports rose by 17.6 percent to 238.9 billion dollars. That was mainly due to higher prices of raw materials, such as coal, metals and crude oil.
The surge in materials prices has slowed China's economy. The higher cost of coal has also been one of the triggers of power supply restrictions.

A spokesperson for the Chinese General Administration of Customs said that difficulties linger over the global economic recovery. Li Kuiwen added that the external environment is complicated and severe. He said there are still many uncertain factors remaining for China's trade.

The overall value of trade last month rose more than 23 percent from a year earlier.