Kids with hypersensitivity invited to soccer game

Children with hypersensitivity had the chance to watch Japan's 2022 World Cup soccer qualifier match on Tuesday evening, in a special customized stadium room.

The Japan Football Association invited four local families to the game between Japan and Australia, held at Saitama Stadium in Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo.

The association prepared a "sensory room," where children who are extremely sensitive to particular conditions, such as bright lights and loud noises, were able to enjoy watching the soccer game in comfort.

The room is soundproof, with adjustable lighting and internal partitions. None of the families had watched a soccer game at a stadium before.

One 7-year-old boy said he was excited to watch the game. His father added that he was grateful to organizers for creating a comfortable environment for the children.

JFA General Secretary and CEO Suhara Kiyotaka said they hoped to make stadiums more accommodating to various children.