Japan pledges 190 mil. dollar aid for Afghanistan

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says Japan will provide Afghanistan with humanitarian aid worth about 190 million dollars.

Kishida made the pledge on Tuesday at an online emergency summit of the Group of 20 major economies that discussed the situation in Afghanistan.

He said the fund will be provided by the end of this year through international organizations to help Afghan people facing a serious humanitarian crisis.

The prime minister denounced a bomb attack that killed dozens of citizens at a mosque in Kunduz last Friday. He vowed to step up efforts to counter terrorism, which is a common challenge for the international community, in cooperation with relevant parties.

Kishida said it is essential for the future development of Afghanistan to protect the rights of all Afghans, especially to safeguard an environment where women can study and work.

He said if the Taliban protect people's rights and carry out an inclusive political process, that would bring back necessary human resources, funds and support to rebuild the country. He said the global community should be united to tenaciously persuade the Taliban of that.

The G20 summit was the first international meeting Kishida has attended since he took office last week.