Vaccinations decreasing in Tokyo as demand wanes

Municipalities in Tokyo are moving to downsize their vaccine rollout programs due to a drop in the number of applicants.

NHK has learned from authorities of Tokyo's 23 wards that most of them have already scaled back vaccination programs or plan to do so.

Seven wards will end either group vaccinations or individual vaccinations by the end of this month.

Koganei City plans to close down its group site at the end of this month.

City workers called on people to go out and get their jabs without delay.
The program will be scaled down from next month and shots will be administered only at the municipal public health center.

The reduction is result of a decrease in the number of residents who want to be vaccinated.

As of Monday, about 64 percent of the nation's population had completed two shots of the vaccine.

Meanwhile, Japan's national soccer team played a match near Tokyo on Tuesday against Australia in a qualifier for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The government is trying out a so-called package system that identifies people who pose a low risk of spreading the coronavirus and allows them to attend.

The maximum capacity for the event was set at 10,000.
But around an additional 5,000 were allowed in after proving they were fully vaccinated, or had tested negative within three days of the game.

Officials in Tokyo confirmed 77 new cases on Tuesday. The figure is below 100 for a fourth consecutive day.

Over 600 new cases were reported nationwide.