Kishida grilled over taxes on capital gains

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has defended his plan not to review taxes on capital gains of the wealthy. He has stressed the priority of raising wages of corporate employees.

Kishida was speaking in a debate at the plenary session of the Upper House on Tuesday.

The secretary-general of the largest opposition Constitutional Democratic Party, Fukuyama Tetsuro, pointed out that Kishida suggested he would not include a review of capital gains taxes in the next fiscal year's taxation plan.

Kishida had previously indicated that increasing such taxes could be a way to correct the country's wealth disparities.

Fukuyama accused him of being inconsistent.

Fukuyama also said Kishida's plan to "double people's income" has suddenly changed course. Kishida had advocated the idea during his party's leadership election campaign last month.

Kishida responded that he had proposed the tax review as one of the various options for wealth distribution. He said there are other measures to be prioritized, such as tax incentives to boost wages.

Fukuyama also asked the prime minister about coronavirus vaccine booster shots and oral drugs.

Kishida replied that the government will make preparations to begin providing third jabs from as early as December.

He also said oral drugs that can be taken at home will be a powerful tool in the fight against the coronavirus. He added that the government will do its utmost to secure such drugs for the safety and security of the people.