Bananas auctioned at traditional Japan port event

Tourists and families visiting a Japanese port this weekend got to see a traditional banana auction.

Moji Port in Kitakyushu City in southwestern Japan is said to be where the culture of banana auctions started in Japan in the early 20th century. Around that time, imported bananas damaged during transportation were sold off at bottom prices.

These days, the city organizes the auction annually at the port to preserve the tradition.

An elementary school boy who attended a banana seminar at the event tried his hand at auctioning.
He shouted a price, which was soon cut by half, for a bunch of bananas.
Some spectators asked for bigger discounts and raised their hands when they heard a price they were happy with.

A woman from Tokyo said she was touring around the area after the government's coronavirus state of emergency was lifted. She said she bought a large bunch of bananas for less than four dollars.

A local woman said she enjoyed it as her first exciting event in a while.