Students to survey candidates on climate change

A group of university students in Japan will conduct a survey of candidates in the upcoming Lower House election on their views about climate change.

The student group working to help reduce greenhouse gases held an online news conference on Monday.

They said they will send a questionnaire to all candidates in a joint survey with a citizen's group. They said the survey is designed to allow voters to know the candidates' views on climate change and also to send the message that people have a keen interest in the issue.

The questionnaire includes 10 questions. Among them are questions concerning efforts to cut greenhouse gases in the electric power sector and the goal of emission-reduction by fiscal 2030.

The candidates will also be asked whether they support the idea of carbon pricing -- a system in which companies and others bear emission-reduction costs based on the amount of their emissions.

The students intend to post the answers from the candidates on social media. They also plan to interview candidates on challenges local areas face.

Nakamura Suzuka, a sophomore at Kagoshima University, said young people will be affected most by the impact of the "climate crisis." She also said they hope the survey will encourage dialogue between the candidates and young people.