Kim determined to restore the North's economy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has expressed his determination to restore the country's economy, hinting that it is still in a grim state.

The ruling Workers' Party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, reported on Monday that Kim made a speech marking the 76th anniversary of the party's founding on Sunday in front of senior party officials.

Kim pledged to solve the people's food, clothing and housing problems.

He stressed his determination to rebuild the country's economy in line with the five-year plan agreed upon at the party congress in January.

The country is apparently in dire economic condition due to sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council and continued trade restrictions resulting from anti-coronavirus measures.

In his speech, Kim did not mention his country's relations with the United States and South Korea, as well as the country's nuclear and missile development programs.

The North Korean leader delivered another speech at the Supreme People's Assembly on September 29. The speeches seem to be aimed at tightening his control within the party and government.