Major Japanese retailers boost recycled offerings

Major retailers in Japan are increasingly recycling used fashion items to make new styles. The move is a response to a growing preference among consumers for more environmentally-friendly products.

Department store chain Takashimaya is stepping up promotions of clothes made with polyester from used apparel.

The company started selling new jackets, suits, and other items this month that use recycled materials.

The chain is also encouraging customers to donate the clothes they no longer wear.

Meanwhile, bag maker Tsuchiya Kaban launched a new product-recycling business this month.

It is asking customers to bring in bags from their brand that they no longer use. The firm will fix up the items and sell them at about 60 percent of their list prices.

Sasada Tomohiro is in charge of the project. He says, "Our skilled workers will repair and clean the bags that customers bring in. Some people may find this aspect appealing and see the value in the products."

The company says it is aiming for sales of the bags to reach nearly 4.5 million dollars by 2026.