Many Japan firms see their workforce growing

A recent survey has found that more than a quarter of Japanese companies expect the number of their employees to increase over the next year as businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training is researching the impact of the pandemic. About 3,700 companies responded to the survey which was conducted in June.

Twenty-eight percent of the firms said they will have more staff one year down the line. More than 60 percent said they expect to have almost the same employees, while over 8 percent foresee their workforce shrinking.

Forty-eight percent of firms in the telecommunications sector expect their workforce to expand. In the restaurant and hotel industry, 40 percent also said they will have more employees.

On the other hand, about 12 percent of retailers and transportation companies say the number of their workers will decrease.

A researcher at the institute says many companies are facing a labor shortage. But the employment outlook remains uncertain amid concern about a resurgence of coronavirus infections.