Japan pro baseball teams to make picks on Monday

Japanese professional baseball clubs are likely to make last-minute decisions on the players they will nominate as their No. 1 picks at a draft conference on Monday.

Only two of the 12 pro baseball teams had revealed their first picks by Sunday. The number is down from seven in 2020 and six in 2019.

The meeting will be held online as an anti-coronavirus measure, with each club allocated to a separate room.

If two or more teams nominate the same prospect, the representatives will move to another room for a drawing to decide which one will win the rights to negotiate with the candidate.

Amateur baseball players have had more chances to showcase their skills than last year.

The annual spring and summer high school baseball tournaments were held for the first time in two years. University baseball leagues also had games this year.

But the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for some teams to secure enough time for training or to take part in national competitions.