All runaway emus captured

A tourist farm in southwestern Japan says a four-day search has led to the capture of all the emus that ran away from the facility.

The farm is located in Kumamoto Prefecture's Kikuchi City. About 20 emus escaped on Thursday, after the catch on the door of a fence came off. The emu is a giant flightless bird that is native to Australia. The facility had 54 of them.

Staff members and other people searched for the birds in the woods and rice paddies around the facility.

On Sunday, more than 20 people continued looking for the last three emus that remained at large. The fugitives were found less than 1 kilometer away from the farm.

The farm says one of the three birds died after being captured.

A farm official apologized for fueling concerns among the local residents. He pledged to take preventive measures quickly. He said the fence door's design will be altered and more cameras will be installed to monitor the emus.