S.Korea's ruling party picks Lee as candidate

South Korea's ruling Democratic Party has selected the governor of Gyeonggi province, Lee Jae-myung, as its candidate for the presidential election next March.

The Democratic Party, which supports President Moon Jae-in, announced the final results of its presidential primaries in the capital, Seoul, on Sunday.

The primaries were conducted at 11 locations across South Korea.

The party says Lee gained an overall majority.

Lee has gained popularity among voters who say his policies are easy to understand.

Lee argues that the country's wealth gap can be resolved by introducing a universal basic income to guarantee a minimum level of economic prosperity.

In a survey released by Gallup Korea on Friday, 25 percent of the respondents said they regard Lee as the most suitable person to be South Korea's next president.

The People Power Party has narrowed down its candidates to four. The largest opposition party is scheduled to announce its selection in November.

The opposition camp has intensified its criticism of Lee over allegations involving an urban development project in Seongnam when he was the city's mayor.