Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan dies

A Pakistani nuclear scientist, Abdul Qadeer Khan, died on Sunday at the age of 85. He played a central role in Pakistan's nuclear development and helped to sell nuclear technology to North Korea and Iran.

Pakistan's state-run media and other local media outlets reported that Khan died in a hospital in the capital, Islamabad, on Sunday morning, local time.

Khan was born in 1936 to a Muslim family in India. He moved to Pakistan following its independence and studied in Europe.

Khan is said to have obtained classified information on materials for enriching uranium and a list of their providers while working at a uranium enrichment plant in the Netherlands in the 1970s.

He joined Pakistan's nuclear weapons development program, and conducted a nuclear test in 1998. He became known as "the father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb".

Khan came under fierce international criticism in 2004 when he was found to have been involved in what was known as the "nuclear black market".

The cause of Khan's death has not been reported. He is said to have been recuperating at his home after testing positive for the coronavirus.