Austria's Kurz resigns, denies allegations

Austria's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced his resignation amid allegations of improper use of government money.

The prosecutors' office of Austria suspects that he was involved in a case of paying for favorable media coverage that included manipulated poll results between 2016 and 2018.

The country's finance ministry is suspected of having paid for the manipulated polls.

The Chancellery and the finance ministry were searched this month.

Opposition and the coalition's junior partner, the Greens, demanded his resignation.

Kurz said in a statement on Saturday that he would resign to prevent chaos and ensure stability but he denied the allegations.

He says that he recommends Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg for the next chancellor, noting that he will remain as a leader of his center-right People's Party.

Kurz took office in 2017 at the age of 31 and resigned in 2019 with the motion of no-confidence over a scandal involving his coalition partner.

In the ensuing election his party won more seats in the parliament, which put him back in office in 2020.